Tracy Beattie

Crafty Coast

Tracy Beattie is a local artist, establishing Crafty Coast in 2012. She lives within a gull's swoop of the Giant's Causeway & a crab's scuttle of Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. She is inspired by the rugged beauty and soaring seagulls around her, which influence her whimsical paintings & three-dimensional works.

Her partnership with the sea is further enhanced by the way in which the sea provides the raw materials for her three-dimensional work. Tracy works with driftwood and man-made items which, although once discarded, are worked and reshaped by the sea before being washed up on the beaches.

She has created the lovable Archie the Gull, his long-time love Gracie, and his best friend Max the Crab, along with a host of other loveable creatures. Each with their own personalities, they appear in many of her artworks, so you too can share in their adventures. Using her artwork, Tracy invites you to come into her whimsical world & see the beach from a different perspective.



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