Naturally North Coast and Glens has been in operation since 2012, and was formerly known as 'Ballycastle Town Market'.


As a not for profit social enterprise we deliver an award winning community artisan market in the Causeway Coast and Glens area and wider.  Offering a unique platform for local people to start up, develop businesses, showcase their products and become self sufficient. We work with members and casual traders, community representatives, local authorities and more.


We strive to create a welcoming, wholesome atmosphere at events in Northern Ireland where traders and consumers can meet for mutual benefit, emphasising local, farm produce and handcrafted items and skills, with educational and social opportunities for both our trading community and the local communities we work in.


Provide artisan producers with the services, support and opportunities to develop their businesses

Contribute to local economic, tourism and community development

Create welcoming, wholesome, educational, cultural and inclusive events that will positively improve the quality of life in our local communities.

Create and deliver activities and events in disused or underused urban and rural spaces to lead to lasting positive change and community led regeneration.


  • Provide a manageable outlet that nurtures and supports local businesses within the set criteria.

  • Provide entry level self employment opportunities that can assist under capitalised individuals.

  • Promote and encourage local producers, crafters and artists with a strong ‘shop local’ ethos.

  • Encourage rural diversification by offering a ‘route to market’ for local produce and help boost the local economy through creating opportunities for self employment.

  • Promote entrepreneurship as a route to employment and self-employment for young and disadvantaged populations within our communities.

  • Support NI’s tourist industry by creating events promoting the local area and the quality of local artisan produce.

  • Support NI’s food industry by supporting local farmers, growers and food producers, encouraging the use of locally grown/produced food wherever possible. 

  • Enhance the sense of community by providing a place for people to meet in a relaxed, casual environment thus fostering and promoting community spirit, cohesion and encouraging civic pride.

  • encourage the goodwill and involvement of the wider community, by providing inclusive, educational, welcoming, and wholesome events to the local communities.

  • Engage with and support local groups which work with marginalised people and provide such groups with a platform to connect with the wider community.

  • Deliver activity and animation in disused or underused spaces in rural and urban areas to create places of social interaction

  • Provide platforms for social mobility and the development of community ties and trust leading to better social inclusion.

  • Provide tourists with authentic, educational and quality experiences e.g. by creating opportunities for them to interact with the local community in an unstructured, spontaneous manner



We work closely with our traders aiming to ensure that our markets meet their needs.  As a not for profit organisation we are driven not by profits but ensuring the market works for the traders that use it and the local community.  As a result our traders often tell us that our market is their ‘favourite market’.

We always welcome new and talented traders that can provide something unique at our markets, please check out the trading information on the website and send in a casual trading application if you feel you can meet the trading criteria and standard we expect.


Our youth trading pitches offer the perfect opportunity for young entrepreneurs with a skill or talent to start up their own business. We provide a reduced fee platform for young traders to help develop and hone their entrepreneurial skills , try out a new a business idea and sell their own creative products.
If you’re a young entrepreneur or represent a local school, college or youth organisation and would like to explore the possibilities of using the youth trading pitches, please get in touch to discuss your requirements further.


Community groups, charities that deliver their services locally  and not for profit organisations are encouraged to use our reduced price community pitches and get involved in a creative way.

We offer them a platform to showcase themselves to the wider community, raise awareness, and fund-raise which provides a unique local feel and sense of pride, as well as valuable exposure.  Community/charity pitches are available at no cost to those that meet the eligibility criteria*, with a £5 charge for canopy hire if required. 


Due to the high demand for our community pitches we can only offer each group one community pitch per year, unless there happens to be extra space available.


Community/charity pitches aren’t allowed to sell goods, if you’d like to sell goods you should apply to trade as a casual trader.  

If you’re interested in bringing your community/charity stall to our markets or would like more information  please get in touch.

*Contact us for eligibility criteria


We don’t just deliver great markets for visitors to enjoy, we also provide our artisan producers with services, support and opportunities to build their businesses and to contribute to local economic, tourism and community development and help improve the quality of life within our communities.

If you are new to trading or need support or advice contact us - we are here to help. 


Contributing to a good local market as a member of NNCG means committing to contribute to its development, success and sustainability.

At the heart of our organisation is our members, they work with us to help deliver the fantastic markets and events you visit.  They have created a dynamic and creative community, always supportive of each other's successes and eager to help and collaborate with one another whenever possible.  Our members work together to provide the vibrant and dynamic market you may have visited or heard about.  We promote a strong team ethos, and all our members contribute in their own way to help develop and support the market.   The members form a strong supportive community, and many have found this network invaluable.  

We offer trading opportunities to both members and casual traders.  You do not have to be a member of NNCG to trade with us.   If you would like to get more involved in building a sustainable market and contributing towards its success, please get in touch to find out more about membership.


We understand the time and finance involved in organising markets to support local community events or to add an attraction to a town event.


We can bring our popular market to your town or event and reduce the workload for your team.  Our market has a strong following, holds an excellent reputation with the traders we work with and has a good reputation for the high standard of unique and quirky products sold by our traders - it's always an attraction at any event.  


We manage the market from start to finish, working with you along the way to ensure the market we provide complements your area and event.  In essence we cover, what needs to be done and when, both leading up to and during the event to ensure a successful delivery and a positive outcome for all parties involved.   We can deliver our own market or work with you to deliver a specific market that suits your needs. 

Hiring our market to attend your event costs from £600.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to receive a quote. 


We have built a successful schedule of well managed and attended annual markets built initially through volunteer effort and through partnership approaches in the community which has increased the employment levels in the area and helped new businesses start up.   This has developed into success of  high quality, professionally managed markets which contributes to the development of the local economy, towns, events, community cohesion, and also promotes health and well-being ensuring that our events contribute to the ‘life’ of the community. 


We work with two ‘communities’  our internal trading community, and the wider local community, both of which have different needs.

We provide an exciting, unique market that brings people together as a community. It encourages more people to visit their town and rediscover the many things it has to offer.  The market is also a very useful tool for encouraging social interaction particularly between rural and urban communities.

The Market is a place where our visitors can connect and interact with the specialists, meet friends, be introduced to new ideas enjoy their town to the full. Markets also act as an important “third place” or gathering space in our local community, they also provide an important supportive community to our internal community, and we have identified the potential and demand to cultivate and develop a different kind of connection among the individuals in both communities. 


Towns as we knew them have changed considerably over recent years.  Our aim has been to help revitalise, add a new dimension and inject the buzz and effervescence back into the community, increase footfall and encourage people to visit their towns.

People now demand so much more, they want an experience, authenticity, customer service, and they want choice and knowledge, character and diversity.

By delivering the Artisan Market to towns and community events across the area we are fulfilling all of these demands, and helping to reinvigorate the towns we live in and encourage economic growth and tourism in the area.

Our events have a warmth about them: they increase visitor numbers to the town: they improve the dwell time spent within the town: they showcase what the town has to offer and ultimately we provide an exceptional day out for our visitors.

The platform and support we provide to our traders helps them start and develop their business, helps increase confidence and entrepreneurial skills,  providing local makers the opportunity to become self employed.


We strive to source the very finest local artisan traders and products to deliver a high quality and heterogeneous mix for our visitors. This offer complements rather than competes with the high street retailers providing a synergistic environment. 

By buying locally sourced goods, and supporting small independent businesses in our towns and at local markets, everyone can contribute to local economic development by increasing employment, encouraging consumers to support local business, and thus keeping the money within the local community.

Want to learn more about our services? Contact us today.


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