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Conor Edgell

Capturing the coastal beauty of Northern Ireland,

creating art for your walls that you will get lost in.

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Liquid Mountains

Liquid Mountains is is an idea for a project that I had when doing my degree in printmaking. I had a keen interest in Japanese printmaker Katsushika Hokusaiwho made the visually awe-inspiring woodblock prints, entitled the ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’. The images are all about getting as close to water as possible, bringing the camera down to the horizon and looking for those fleeting shapes that occur when a wave collides with another.

When it works it is very rewarding when it doesn’t you just get wet!


Coordinates’ is an epic collection of vistas set around the North Coast all images are titled with the precise longitude and latitude from where it was taken. If you type the coordinate number into google you will get directions which will allow you to go and see the location for yourself. 

My background is as a printmaker
so instead of using one static shot
of an image or limiting myself
to one exposure I use multiple
images taken over sometimes 5hrs
of the same scene and combine
these images to create the magical compositions you see today.

Over the past few years, I have been showing my work at the NNCG markets.  People respond to the magical and creative nature of this work, the stars, the sea, the use of colour and  composition.
The work has been cleverly designed to ensure all pieces share the same horizon. This allows you to purchase a selection of pieces which will synchronise and begin to complement each other. You're welcome to check out more of my work on my website.

Conor Edgell

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