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Grandma's Spoons

Solid silver cutlery transformed into unique jewellery

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Grandma's Spoons

Grandma’s Spoons jewellery is created from silver items that were once in use as cutlery, and some are very old.


  They take these unused pieces of cultery and recreate them into beautiful pieces of jewellery, maintaining the original decorative features of the cutlery.

Each piece is unique, and a one off!


As well as selling unique pieces they also take comissions. If you have family silver cutlery which is languishing in a drawer, why not have it transformed into a unique piece of jewellery and give a little bit of your family history a new lease of life.

All items made using hallmarked British silver come with an Assay Office certificate giving permission for them to be converted into jewellery. This is a legal requirement under the 1973 Hallmarking Act.


As well as creating unique jewellery from antique cutlery, Christine of Grandmas Spoons is the artist behind heARTfelt.

HeARTfelt pictures are created using wool and silk fibres attached to a wool felt backing with a special barbed needle. This technique is called needle-felting.
Each one is an original art work.

Offering mounted and framed pieces and also unique cards. These cards are small original pieces of art in the form of a card, so that when you send it to someone, they can display it as it is, or frame it in a standard store bought frame.

There is something special about having an original piece of art on your wall and knowing it is unique to you.

My name is Christine Williams and I live in Ballycastle on the beautiful North Antrim coast of Northern Ireland.
Grandma’s Spoons began in 2011 when I took up silversmithing as a hobby in preparation for retirement.
The idea for using cutlery to make jewellery came about when I looked for something to make my pieces unique. I feel I am connecting to the original silversmiths and keeping their expertise alive. They are the ones who created the beautiful engraving and enamelling on the pieces I reimagine into jewellery.
I want to breathe new life into pieces of cutlery which may have been tucked away, long forgotten and tarnished in a drawer.
All too often, old family silver is sold for its scrap value and melted down and all the beauty created by the original silversmith is lost forever.
Most pieces I create are totally unique, and there will never be another exactly the same, so if you are looking for a piece of jewellery which is truly special, newly created, yet with a history of its own, please browse my shop and see what takes your fancy!.

Grandmas Spoons

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Visit the Grandma's Spoons online store, and explore the unique range of jewellery, alongside the beautiful and original pieces of heARTfelt artwork.

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