Cottage Garden Plants

We offer a colourful and more unusual range of herbaceous perennial plants which come back each year. The plants are all locally grown in Northern Ireland and are beneficial to bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects. Advice is offered on all aspects of planting and tending your purchases!

NNCG Member

Lee White


Mythical MoonStone

Our handmade garden décor adds character, decoration, magic and mystery, perfect for any garden and the ideal gift for family, friends or a loved one. Made of durable Cast Stone, highly detailed and hand-painted and sealed for outdoors with frostproofer added for the Winter months.

NNCG Member

Katriona Griffin


Latharna Flowers & Crafts

I am Sonja Allen with a artistic and craft making background and I love nature and to bring happiness and beauty in peoples lives. From flower arrangements for different occasions, decorative seasonal items for your home to felted products, crochet shawls, fascinators and much more.......

Casual Trader

Sonja Allen


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