Causeway Aromatics

Hand crafted luxury handwash, soaps and home fragrances With scents Inspired by the causeway coast and glens of Antrim produced overlooking the glens of Antrim using responsibly sourced packaging and raw materials

Casual Trader

Gina Thomson


So Soy

Soy based candles, wax melts and diffusers, hand poured at The Giants Causeway

Casual Trader

Hannah Magee


Made by Marc Candle Co.

I make a range of hand-poured soy wax candles, all of which have been hand-blended in Co.Down.

Casual Trader

Marc O'Neill


The Essence Vault

We have always been fragrance lovers, whether its perfume, candles or anything related. We use the maximum fragrance loads available in order to ensure a longer lasting fragrance in our perfumes, aftershaves and candles, every time. We only use products that are cruelty free, and we only use oils that are vegan friendly.

NNCG Member

Connor Martin


Meltz Candles

Hand poured scented candles and wax melts made exclusively by Meltz Candles in their workshop in Castlerock. Candles and meltz produced in small batches to ensure quality.

NNCG Member

Donna Holland


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