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Updates, News & Interesting Snippets about our Artisan Markets in Northern Ireland

A Guide to NNCG Stalls & Visual Merchandising

You could have a fantastic product, but your stall may let you down.

As a trader you'll have hired a stall or space at a market for a short period, you have limited time to make your sales and get your brand out there and a limited amount of space to do it in - it's important to make good use of that time to make a good impression, attract customers, get leads and make sales.

Attractive sales displays create interest and excitement about your stall. People are more likely to visit your stall if it looks interesting from a distance.

Effective use of space helps to produce a more attractive and eye catching display and also allows you to display more products

Don’t forget about safety and working in flexibility to allow you to amend your set up to suit conditions on the day - Wind / Rain / Sun , uneven ground or lack of space.

You usually will have a limited amount of time to set up your stall - planning is essential.

To help you plan we've put together some information about our stalls and some tips to safely plan your display!

Tip - Turn phone sideways for viewing photos below


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