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Updates, News & Interesting Snippets about our Artisan Markets in Northern Ireland

Fresh New Look

Throughout the Year 2022 Naturally North Coast and Glens is Celebrating our 10th year anniversary!

We began our journey as the Ballycastle Town Market, back in 2012, started up by the Ballycastle Chamber of Commerce, then handed to the traders in 2013.

Our first rebrand took place in 2015, when we started travelling around the Causeway Coast and Glens area. We rebranded as Naturally North Coast and Glens C.I.C.

Since then we have been delivering approximately 40 markets per year annually throughout the borough, and wider! During this time we’ve learnt and developed a lot. We’ve studied our impact and developed our policies and procedures to ensure we are delivering a service that meets the needs of our regular traders, new starts, visitors, and local communities.

After 10 years of learning, growing and developing we felt our brand was in need of a bit of a refresh to allow us to reflect our learnings and development!

New Brand identity

The new brand identity has been developed using a graphic representation of the anagram letters n, n, c, G. With each letter brought together to form a wave like graphic to depict the geographic area of the market. The archway shape also echoes the idea of a welcoming place to come to; a community hub to be part of.

Additional icon symbolism includes

Fingerprint – Handcraft and unique

Ripples – Positive impact throughout the community

Growth – Small business development

Rainbow – Hope, diverse, new beginnings

Some have also felt the arches also resembles the Children of Lir Sculpture located at our flagship market at the Ballycastle Seafront.

The identity includes a long form and short form identity.

Colour Palette

The colour palette is large! It was developed using imagery of elements from around the north coast: beach pebbles, seaweed, plants and local food produce. Shades were created to have a rich, interesting colour palette.

A Visual System

A visual system was developed to ensure that digital and printed materials reflect the creatively rich market. The visual system is made up of several bold graphic shapes that have been inspired by the traders produce

Bringing it all Together

When we bring all the elements together, you can see how they work together below

So that's it. It's very different to our previous brand imagery. It's fresh, new, fun and different!

It may take us a little time to roll it out across all platforms, and marketing material.

We hope you like it.


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