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Updates, News & Interesting Snippets about our Artisan Markets in Northern Ireland

Impact Report

Naturally North Coast and Glens Community Interest Company (NNCG) is a social enterprise supporting local artisans, crafters, producers and artists to bring their products to market. It is based in Ballycastle, on the North Coast of County Antrim and started life as 'Ballycastle Town Market' in 2012 with a membership of 15—which grew to 64 members, and 200 casual traders by 2019, running unique, vibrant, artisan markets all across the Causeway Coast and Glens region.

In a bid for continual improvement NNCG embarked on its first detailed impact research project in 2019, to explore what kinds of differences, both positive and negative, it was making to different stakeholders—and to develop an understanding of their value.

A Social Return on Investment (SROI) evaluation approach was used to help provide a sense of the value of the social, personal and environmental differences NNCG makes, as well as the economic differences. This includes determining a monetary value for non-monetary outcomes—things like artisans having increased confidence or customers feeling more like part of a community.

View and Download our impact report from THIS page

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