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Wood Craft: Feature

Beerhill Woodwork

Based on the Causeway Coast we make a wide range of items including men’s and ladies gifts, kitchen utensils, barware, candle holders and homeware. Most are made from recycled whiskey barrels from the Old Bushmills distillery.

Casual Trader

Graeme Elliott


Hoddmimir's Wood Craft

We provide traditionally made wooden crafts, decorated in art from Norse history and the book of kells.

Casual Trader

Richard Stewart


Molly’s Brae

Wee wooden houses made from reclaimed wood & driftwood from Northern Ireland shores, Donegal & the Baltic. A one woman business making unique and quirky handmade houses.

Casual Trader

Alison Abernethy


Scenic Woodcraft

A wide range of handcrafted wooden products to suit all occasions and price points. Wood turning, small furniture, homeware and giftware; All handcrafted using a mix of native and exotic timbers.

Casual Trader

Alan Dean


The Clip & Twist

Inspired by my girlfriend showing me the blister after burning her hand, designed and constructed locally using off cuts of the timber industry and sold internationally, the Clip&Twist is a proven safety handle for opening, filling and closing hot water bottles.
The majority of hot water bottle users agree.

Casual Trader

Jonathan Harty


Wood Worked Wonderful

Crafting personalised, practical, picturesque wooden gifts for people and pets.

Casual Trader

Bill Darby


Blue Dog Crafts

At BLUE DOG crafting I make hand made Garden or indoor feature pieces of furniture from reclaimed materials found in architectural salvage yards.

NNCG Member

Norman Hegarty


Irish Wood Pens

Irish Wood Pens - The finest quality wood pens handcrafted in Ireland by Bert Dallas. The perfect gift for any occasion.

Casual Trader

Bert Dallas


No 9 Creations

No9 Creations will design, develop and deliver bespoke wooden products to meet your needs. We create your product, your way using the finest oak.

Casual Trader

Tony Mc Daid


Scorched Earth

Specialise in creative engraving, woodcut maps and coasters. Custom artwork.

Casual Trader

Chris Wright


The Lightning Shack

Handcrafted wooden wall art created using high voltage electricity.

Casual Trader

Dean Rogan


Wooden it be Nice

‘Wooden it be Nice’ makes wooden garden furniture. chairs, summer seats in several sizes, love seats, picnic tables, bird tables and feeders, novelty planters as well as planters and flower beds made to customers requirements. Their shop is in Ballymena. A delivery service is also available.

Casual Trader

David Gordon


Bough and Burr Furniture

Handmade wooden furniture and homeware. Always made from sustainably sourced, locally grown, native timber.

Casual Trader

Duncan Legate


Laser Craft NI

All type of laser cutting and engraving on products like wood,acrylic and paper.

Casual Trader

Eric Bradley


R.J.P. Turning

Handcrafted wood turned items and wooden gifts.

NNCG Member

Richard Phelan


Taisie Turning

Local wood turning and wood crafts business, hand turning a wide variety of unique and personalized items for your home, both beautiful and practical. The range includes items made from fallen trees from the world famous Dark Hedges and wooden casks from Bushmills Distillery, the world’s oldest whiskey distillery.

NNCG Member

Gerard Gray


Wee Wooden Company

We create handcrafted jewellery and accessories from reclaimed wood. We also use locally sourced driftwood in our creations. We believe that each piece should tell a story, be one of a kind and sustainably made.

Casual Trader

Malcolm Brown


The information provided on this directory is for information purposes only. All listings are provided on good faith, however we make no representations, or warranty of any kind, express or implied regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability or availability of any products available or purchased directly from each artisan. Each artisan is directly responsible to you for any products or sales they may make to you.  Under no circumstance shall we have any liability to you for any loss or damage of any kind inncurred as a result of the use of NNCG e-shop listing.

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