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We work closely with our traders aiming to ensure that our markets meet their needs.  As a not for profit group we are driven not by profits but ensuring the market works for the makers that use it and the local community.  As a result our makers often tell us that our market is their ‘favourite market’.

If you would like to trade with us please follow these steps to register as a casual trader:

  1. Download the Traders handbook and read it

  2. Check you can meet our trading criteria,  rules, legal requirements, policies and the standard we expect from traders.

  3. If you feel you can meet the trading criteria and requirements great !- complete the online casual trader registration form. Please ensure you provide all the information requested. (incorrectly or partially completed forms will cause delays in registration) 

  4. All Traders must complete a JAM Card Awareness training course.  If you have not completed this within the last 3 years we can provide online training with the NOW Group for £5. We will contact you about the training once your casual trader registration is approved. Find out more about our JAM Card Friendly market HERE

  5. Once your registration has been reviewed and approved you'll be notified of the outcome and will be able to express interest in upcoming market dates. 

You cannot express interest in any markets, or book any pitches with us until your fully completed casual trader application form has been submitted and approved. 

The approval process can take some time, and markets can book up months in advance, so please ensure you complete it in plenty of time before the markets you may be interested in trading at. 

We recommend you allow at least 3 months during busy periods.   

There is no obligation for any trader to trade at all of our markets, you may express interst in as many or few as you wish - however you MUST be registered and approved before you can express interest in trading.

You will find most questions have been answered in the traders handbook, however, if you still have questions after reading the handbook don't hesitate to get in touch. 

The traders handbook and online registration form are both available below. 

Trade with us: About Us



If you have any questions or are unsure about any of the criteria/registration process please get in touch.


It's important that you download and read the traders handbook before registering to ensure you understand our trading criteria, rules and legal requirements.


Before you can express interest to  trade or book any pitches with us you must complete our online registration form. Once your registration has been approved you can start expressing interest for markets.


Check out our registration tips to help ensure a speedy registration. Also available is insurance requirements guidance using the links below. If in any doubt during registration, or if you have questions, or need clarification just give us a call.

Trade with us: Features



We are always looking to attract keen talented new makers that can offer something different to enhance our popular markets. 

Showcasing and selling your products at artisan markets, allows you to be flexible and take your product to your customers without being tied into a lease for a shop. It’s a great way to test a new product, start up a business, receive direct feedback from your customers and build your confidence!

To make the venture a success you’ll need to be willing to work hard with early starts and in all weathers. But the rewards are many – your fellow makers and traders are a friendly bunch, there’s a good community spirit and you’ll get to know your customers, developing your products and range to meet their needs and develop your business.

Taking your product to market is a low-risk, low cost way to turn your business dream into reality. Markets are also a useful tool for building brand awareness, marketing, launching new products and increasing your customer base. Some of the country’s most successful high street names started out on a market stall.


We can provide information and practical advice to help you get started. 

At our markets you do not need to have your own canopy, we can provide a canopy.


You'll need the following things before you can start trading 

  • A product which meets the trading criteria, and one that the market isn't already saturated with.  

  • A table (we can help you out at your first market if you don't have one)

  • Public and Products Liability Insurance.  All traders must hold this.  You can purchase this from around £60 per annum.   

  • If you sell food produce you must be registered with your local Environmental Health Department.

  • Additional requirements may apply depending on the products you make.

  • A majority of our markets are outdoors - however we do provide canopies. (discounts available for those that can provide their own)

  • Download the traders handbook below, read it, then complete the online registration form. 


If you are new to market trading and need some support please get in touch and we'll do what we can to help get you started.


You must register with us before you can book any markets. (registration is free but it does take time)

Registrations for casual traders are considered on a regular basis. With a committee made up of volunteers, and a small workforce– please be patient if you don’t hear from us immediately.   It's important that you provide all the information requested in your registration to avoid delays. 

Processing registrations may take 8 - 12 weeks during busy periods and we always recommend getting your application along with any required supporting information to us in plenty of time before any markets that you may be interested in. 

Markets also open for booking at least two months before the market date, you’ll need to register with us and have that registration approved before you can book a market pitch.  


Our trader booklet and casual trader registration form can be downloaded above.  

Trade with us: Services


Trade with us: Testimonials

"NNCG markets are the best organised artisan markets that I have been to in Ireland. Setup and Take down is always swift and stress free. The traders are welcoming, friendly and supportive which makes such a difference when you are outside all day. Any issues are resolved asap and the team are always on hand to help." - NNCG Trading Member



Please see the traders handbook for full details.

Trade with us: Services


Our award-winning market has built a fantastic reputation for the type of products on offer and their high quality.  You should ensure that you understand our trading criteria and demonstrate to us clearly how you meet it in when completing your registration form.

If you’re making or producing good quality or added value art/craft products yourself in NI it’s likely that you will meet our trading criteria.  If you’re producing or making consumable foodstuff and can demonstrate that you use local produce (where available and applicable) in production you’re likely to meet our trading criteria. 


If you meet and comply with the range of relevant laws and legislations regarding the product you sell, you're also likely to meet our trading criteria. If you are unsure of any of the standards you should be meeting please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We give priority to those traders that clearly demonstrate how they meet the trading criteria in their registration form. 

You can read the full criteria in our traders handbook.   


Applications will be accepted from makers whose products would fall under the categories listed below. 

If you are unsure if your product/service is suitable, or if you make a unique product/service which you feel isn’t included below please get in touch.

  • Primary Produce

  • Consumable Goods made by the trader using locally produced ingredients (where possible)

  • Crafts made by the trader

  • Jewellery made by the trader

  • Art including paintings/photography etc produced by the trader

  • Applications from traders producing other products/services may also be considered


Food Trailers/Vehicles and traders own gazeebos are welcome at some of the NNCG markets. 


As a travelling market we do operate from some sites where trailers cannot be accommodated.  We also have limitations on the number and size of trailers we can work with on appropriate sites.

Your trailer/vehicle/gazeebo design and size forms an important part of the decision to give permission to trade. 

The design/style/size of the trailer/vehicle/canopy must be in keeping with a small artisan market and the event you are wishing to participate in.  It must also meet all safety requirements.


We recommend an artisan street food style design and favour this style over a standard chip cart / commercial design. 

When registering with us you'll need to provide photographs and measurements of your trailer/vehicle/gazeebo.


To ensure we are consistent in providing a market that complements the local area we operate a Hot Food/ Drinks & Ice Cream Policy.  This is to ensure that we complement rather than compete with the local high street retailers and provide a synergistic environment.  

Due to the success of the market, there is a greater demand for pitches than can be accommodated in the space available for hot food products, and so this sets out our priorities and considerations when selecting stalls. Due to demand the criteria is often enhanced. 

We expect you to be able to show that you have used a reasonable proportion of NI produced ingredients in your goods. We do recognise that not all ingredients can be sourced in NI.

 It is possible that permission may be granted for one event/market but not another.  Each application will be considered individually on its own merit based on the information you provide to us when registering and our own experience of your stall.


NNCG is committed to conducting all business with integrity and according to the highest ethical standards.  Traders act as a representative of our market to the community. And we expect traders that trade at our markets to show the same integrity when dealing with the public, other traders and market staff.

 The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to protect and enhance the Market's reputation as a vibrant, attractive and safe environment for the shopping public, traders and employees of the market. It clearly defines the expectations and standards expected,  and works for the benefit of everyone involved with us.


Our youth trading pitches offer the perfect opportunity for young entrepreneurs with a skill or talent to start up their own business.

We provide a reduced fee platform for young traders to help develop and hone their entrepreneurial skills , try out a new a business idea and sell their own creative products.

If you’re a young entrepreneur or represent a local school, college or youth organisation and would like to explore the possibilities of using the youth trading pitches, please get in touch to discuss your requirements further.


Contributing as a member of NNCG means joining the team and committing to contribute to our development, success and sustainability.

At the heart of our organisation is our members, they work with us to help deliver the fantastic markets you visit.  They have created a dynamic community, always supportive of each other's successes and eager to help and collaborate with one another whenever possible.    

You do not have to be a member of NNCG to trade with us.   If you would like to get more involved in building a sustainable market and contributing towards its success, please get in touch to find out more about membership.


We don’t just deliver great markets for visitors to enjoy, we also provide our artisan producers with services, support and opportunities to start and  build their businesses.  There's a lot to consider when you're starting up, or when joining a new market.  We aim to make the process as easy as possible for you. 

If you are new to trading, need support, advice or want to find out more about any of our markets and workshops, contact us - we understand how daunting some of the paperwork, rules, and laws can be, particularly when you're just starting out, but we are here to help you.

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